Design Standards

The City of Bellingham provides guidance through development and design standards to ensure that development is safe, appropriate for the area, and fits well with adjacent properties.

Urban Village Design Review


In January 2023, City Council adopted changes to the urban village design review program to encourage predictability and support creativity in the design process. Existing standards (code requirements) and guidelines were reorganized and consolidated, replacing standalone documents like the City Center and Fairhaven Design standards.

For additional information visit the Urban Village Design Review page.

Multi-family Residential Design Handbook

The Multi-family Residential Design Handbook acknowledges that development must be designed in a way that blends with and respects the character of its surroundings if neighborhoods are to accept higher densities. Development requiring design review under Bellingham Municipal Code 20.25.020 (A) shall comply with the provisions of this handbook.  

Park and Trail Design Standards

These Park and Trail Design Standards are not intended to supersede City/State/Federal laws or codes or generally accepted design practices of professional consultants. It is meant to be used on City of Bellingham Parks’ projects only. Bellingham Parks shall not be responsible if these standards are used for other purposes.

Public Works Development Guidelines and Improvement Standards

The Public Works Development Guidelines and Improvement Standards have been prepared to assist you in understanding the requirements of the Public Works Department and to provide the basis for consistent design standards and policies. The Public Works Department is responsible for the construction, operation and maintenance of public facilities that include: transportation facilities, domestic water distribution systems, sanitary sewer systems, and stormwater runoff quantity and quality management,


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