City closes pedestrian bridge at Fever Creek

Failing bridge abutment forces closure for safety reasons until a replacement bridge can be constructed

February 18, 2016 - by Marvin Harris, Operations Manager, Parks & Recreation Department

​The City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department is closing the pedestrian footbridge over Fever Creek in the Illinois Street Right of Way near Roosevelt Elementary School on Friday, February 19, 2016, for public safety reasons.  A recent inspection found the bridge to be in a condition that warrants closure until the bridge can be replaced.

The bridge was constructed by a Parks & Recreation Department trail maintenance crew more than two decades ago and has been repaired on several occasions over the years.  Recently, erosion has damaged the bridge abutment to an extent that requires replacement.  City staff are working to identify funding for the bridge replacement and hope to use grant or local funds for a new bridge for bicycles and pedestrians that will be elevated above the flood level of the creek.

“We realize that this is a popular walking route for students and their families to and from Roosevelt Elementary School and we apologize for the inconvenience, however, the safety of our community is of utmost concern,” said Leslie Bryson, Director of Bellingham Parks & Recreation.  “We are working on a plan for a new bridge that will serve this safe route to school for years to come, but in the meantime, we ask that the community take a detour.”

The suggested pedestrian detour follows streets around the trail and creek from E. Illinois Street to Michigan Street; south on Michigan Street to E. Maryland Street; west on E. Maryland Street to Superior Street; and north on Superior Street.

Bridge replacement is pending funding; a construction timeline has not yet been identified.  Please visit the project page on the City’s website for updates as they become available.

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​Marvin Harris, Operations Manager
Parks and Recreation Department

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