Girard & B Street traffic signal removal

Transition to all-way stop in January

December 29, 2016 - by Amy Cloud, Communications and Outreach

The traffic signal at the intersection at Girard and “B” streets is failing and overdue for a total infrastructure rebuild. Unfortunately that would cost $250,000.  So the City plans to study the intersection over a 90-day period, with the intent to permanently replace the traffic light with all-way stop signs.

Q: Why do you have to remove the traffic signal?
A:   The signal is the City's last out-of-date signal.  All its signal poles are failing, and the cabinet needs replacement.   

Q: Won't losing the light make the intersection less safe?
A:   Our goal is always to ensure safety. Based on policy and prior practice, we plan to replace the current signal with an all-way stop, after 90-days of study while utilizing an all-way red flashing light to allow motorists, cyclists and pedestrians get acquainted with the change. At other intersections that converted from signal to all-way stops there has been no increase in accidents or significant traffic delays.

Q: Why not just spend the money to replace the traffic signal?
A:  It is imprudent to spend a quarter million dollars to replace a traffic signal when an all-way stop would be just as safe and effective. This is a change that has already been successful at several other intersections in Bellingham: Grand and Flora, Commercial and Flora, Unity and Flora, and Commercial and Champion.

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City of Bellingham - Public Works
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