Police identify male from composite sketch

Do not believe male is the prolific voyeur

November 16, 2017 - by Danette Beckley, Public Information

​Twenty one year old Owen D. Allen was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail on November 7 for three felonies stemming from two separate incidents.  The first incident occurred close to 1:00 pm on Halloween.  The second incident occurred a few days later on November 3 at about 5:30 pm.  Both incidents happened near the Laurel park area of Bellingham.

On October 31, a twenty year old male was walking in the 800 block of N. Garden Street when he noticed a male on the porch of a house.  The victim took a second look at the male due to his clothing, thinking the male was wearing a Halloween costume.  The male, now identified as Owen Allen, noticed the victim looking at him and quickly moved to the victim's location and began walking next to the victim.  The victim asked the male where he was going, at which time Allen began to punch the victim in the face.  The victim ended up on the ground where Allen kicked him.  The victim's injuries include a concussion which has caused the student to miss school days.

A witness had also been watching the suspect male.  The witness was aware of the ongoing voyeurism incidents, and was alerted that this male was hanging around a residence that the witness knew was occupied by all females.   The witness saw Allen assaulting the victim at which time she yelled that she was going to call the police, causing Allen to stop his assault and flee.

On November 3, another 20 year old male was walking on a sidewalk in the 600 block of E Laurel Street.  The victim noticed a male, later identified as Allen, walking toward him.  The victim had to sidestep an obstacle, which put him in the path of Allen.  Allen responded by swinging his arms at the victim's face/head area.  Allen struck the victim above is right eye causing a cut which was swollen and bleeding.  Allen yelled threats to kill the victim as he was swinging and hitting. A baseball hat the victim had been wearing was knocked off during the assault.  Allen picked up and kept the hat.  Allen told the victim to get a new hat, repeating that he would kill the victim, and gestured toward his pocket as if he had a weapon.   

After the first incident a composite sketch was released as we believed the male may be related to our voyeurism incidents.  On 11-7 BPD Detectives encountered a male they believed strongly resembled the composite sketch. The males clothing as well as his appearance matched the description given by the victims in both incidents.  Detectives identified the male as Owen Allen, a transient male who came to the Bellingham area from another state. 

Allen was positively identified by the victim in the robbery as the person who assaulted him.  Allen admitted in an interview with detectives to being in the area of the October 31st incident, but denied having assaulted anyone.  Allen was booked into the Whatcom County Jail for Assault 2, Robbery 1, Felony Harassment, and Malicious Mischief 3. 

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​Danette Beckley, Public Information
Bellingham Police Department

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