Post Point Community Open House Monday, July 31

Public participation invited in planning for resource recovery at City's wastewater treatment plant

July 26, 2017 - by Amy Cloud, Communications and Outreach

The City of Bellingham is in early stages of planning for future improvements at the wastewater treatment plant at Post Point in Fairhaven. These improvements are needed because equipment is aging, expensive to repair, and incinerates – rather than recovers – reusable resources.

Through this improvement project, the City will construct new facilities at Post Point to capture and reuse valuable resources from Bellingham's wastewater. Input from community members is vital to guide important decisions throughout project planning and design.

For that reason, the City's Public Works Department, which is leading the project, hosted a community workshop on May 23 to share the project's evaluation process and criteria – and gather feedback on possible alternatives. On Monday, July 31 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. community members are invited to an information Open House to hear about the top alternatives that emerged from that workshop, and to help guide next steps in the planning process. The Open House will be in the Commons at Fairhaven Middle School. The school is located at 110 Parkridge Road in Bellingham.

Project Manager Robert Johnson will provide an overview of the project at 7 p.m. and will be available to respond to questions such as: 

  • The project and its project schedule;
  • Initial results of the alternatives evaluation process;
  • The evaluation process and criteria; and
  • Next steps – and ways to stay engaged.

The goal of this plant improvement project is provide sustainable, cost-effective wastewater treatment for the next 20 years and beyond. The City Council # # #

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