Site improvements and a new name coming for Cordata Neighborhood Park

Project to coordinate with the 2019 Horton Road extension

October 29, 2018 - by Gina Austin, Parks Project Engineer

​Bellingham Parks and Recreation Department is hosting a public meeting on November 7, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at Birchwood Presbyterian Church, 400 Meadowbrook Court, to obtain input on next steps and ideas for a new name for Cordata Neighborhood Park.

“Master planned in 2008, this park, located at the 800 block of Horton Road, was the first and only park in Cordata,” said Leslie Bryson, Parks and Recreation Director. Since that time, various park amenities have been completed including an open meadow area, trails, bridges, picnic tables and benches. Additionally, a larger Cordata Community Park was purchased with development of phase one starting next year.

The City is now preparing for the next phase of development of the neighborhood park, including parking, utilities, and a driveway connecting to the Horton Road extension project. Other work may include limited clearing and grading for future park amenities. Given the neighborhood has recommended the community park be named Cordata Park, the City is soliciting ideas for a new name for the existing neighborhood park. Per City policy, park names should not be so similar that it results in confusion to the public and emergency responders.

Name suggestions will be recorded for consideration. The public is invited to submit comments and suggestions via email to through the end of December. The Park and Recreation Advisory Board will review the name suggestions early next year and make a recommendation to Council to name both the community and neighborhood parks.  For more information, contact Gina Austin, Project Engineer, at

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