Case against associate Bellingham Slam coach closed

Leonetti acted alone, 90 videos found, victims identified and notified

January 08, 2019 - by Claudia Murphy, PIO
After a four-month investigation, the Bellingham Police Department has determined an associate coach for the Bellingham Slam basketball team acted alone when he illegally recorded 90 videos of 19 victims in locker rooms and bathrooms.
On September 4, 2018 Bellingham Police began an investigation after receiving a complaint from two adult males who believed they were being video recorded while taking a shower after a sporting event at Seattle Pacific University in Seattle in August 2018.  The suspect was identified as Kip Leonetti who was listed as an associate coach on the team website and an employee of Western Washington University’s Wade King Student Recreation Center.  
Bellingham Police immediately reached out to WWU police who assisted with the investigation.  Leonetti was contacted on September 6, 2018, interviewed and released as probable cause for a crime had not been developed.  His cell phone was seized at that time and a search warrant served on his home to seize other electronic devices.  An initial analysis of Leonetti’s cell phone confirmed the presence of the reported unlawfully recorded images.
On September 12, 2018 Bellingham Police was advised through the Spokane Police Department that Kip Leonetti was found deceased of apparent suicide.
Further search warrants to analyze Leonetti’s phone and other electronic devices were sought and obtained.  Bellingham Police Forensic Investigators analyzed Leonetti’s devices and located 90 video files containing recorded footage of voyeurism in locker rooms and bathrooms.  These videos were all recorded by Leonetti using his personal cell phone.  There were 19 victims (17 men and 2 women) of voyeurism, all adults.  Bellingham Police investigators were able to identify all but one of the 19 victims seen in the videos.  Efforts were made to contact each of the identified victims to let them know about the recordings.  Investigators were able to reach 14 of the 17 men and one of the two women, as we did not have any further contact information on the remaining four victims.
Investigators determined Leonetti was acting alone and there was no evidence to suggest the unlawfully recorded videos were shared with other people.  None of the videos were taken on WWU property, it appears they were taken in various locker rooms and bathrooms of Bellingham Slam game venues.  Victim assistance was offered to each of the young adults who were victim to the voyeurism by BPD investigators.  Due to Leonetti’s death there are no charges filed and this case is closed.
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