City Closes Waypoint Park and Granary Avenue Due to High Wind Forecast

Potential for falling objects creates concern for public safety

February 03, 2019 - by Nicole C. Oliver

The City of Bellingham decided to close Granary Avenue and Waypoint Park on Sunday due to high wind forecast.  This is a precaution due to the fact one light fixture in the park was blown off during a December high wind event.  This was very unusual and outside the specifications for the fixture, which is designed to sustain winds up to 90 mph. 

City staff and contractors are working together with the light fixture manufacturer to evaluate and solve the problem.  The light fixtures are the same throughout Waypoint Park and along Granary Avenue.  Plans to test the fixtures are underway for next week.

As a precaution, the City installed barricades and warning signs to close the area during the predicted windstorm happening Sunday and Monday.  The area will reopen after the storm.

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