City of Bellingham seeking a new signature event

Deadline for submittals is October 18, 2019

August 23, 2019 - by Shannon Taysi

The City of Bellingham, Washington seeks proposals from parties interested in and capable of producing a festival, special event or a unique public experience “Signature Event”.  This request seeks to identify a qualified producer with the experience, industry contacts and innovative vision for launching an annual event that will encourage commerce, maximize national and regional exposure, enhance the existing quality of life for residents and become self-sustaining.

In late 2014, the City sought proposals for a signature event which resulted in the establishment of the very successful Bellingham SeaFeast, which will be celebrating its fourth year this fall.

In addition to SeaFeast, Bellingham is fortunate to have many successful events throughout the year that encourage tourism and continue to build upon vibrancy of the community.   Events such as “Ski to Sea”, “Bellingham NW Wine Festival”, “CASCADIA International Women’s Film Festival” and “The Chuckanut Writer’s Conference” currently draw tourists and locals.  Like these events, the City seeks to enhance and expand the visitor experience with something new that strengthens Bellingham’s brand as a great place for recreation, outdoors, food, arts and culture.

“SeaFeast has been so successful that we’d like to find another signature event to support that will bring the community together like SeaFeast has.  We are looking forward to reviewing proposals for events that will enhance our quality of life,” Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville said.

All proposals must be received by Noon, October 18, 2019.

The City will contract with one or more qualified entities, providing seed money required to operate, promote and grow another regional event for Bellingham and the Pacific Northwest.

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