Capital Project Report for July 13 – 17, 2020

New capital projects begin, street construction could affect travel

July 13, 2020 - by Andrea Reiter

New capital projects begin this week and ongoing street repair, maintenance and construction projects will affect traffic. As we progress through summer, continue to expect more pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle traffic around town. Due to continued threat of COVID-19, City construction work will be assessed on a day-by-day basis. As always, please pay attention to Health Department recommendations and  travel with care.

2020 Watermain Replacement project (new)

The 2020 Watermain Replacement project will replace a watermain on Donovan Avenue from Connelly Creek to 36th Street, and on 35th Street from Donovan Avenue to one block north. Work will begin on Thursday, July 16 on the east end of the project on Donovan Avenue between I-5 and 36th Street. The affected blocks will be closed to through traffic with the exception of Donovan Avenue between 30th and 32nd Streets, which will be maintained as one lane during working hours and returned to two lane traffic at the end of each day. Flaggers will allow for local access. For more information, visit the 2020 Watermain Replacement Project website or contact Craig Mueller, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7922.

Squalicum Creek Reroute – phase 3 and 4 project (new)

The Squalicum Creek Reroute, phases 3 and 4 project will fill in approximately ¾ of Bug Lake and create a new channel to the south, under Squalicum Parkway, in a new culvert. The lake will be converted to its original state as a forested wetland. The project will improve water quality in Squalicum Creek and will provide additional habitat for salmonids while improving riparian habitat. Flaggers will be present periodically for construction traffic entering and exiting Squalicum Parkway. For more information, visit the Squalicum Creek Reroute Project website or contact Craig Mueller, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7922.

Meridian Street Water Quality Improvements (new, pictured)

The Meridian St. water quality project on Meridian Street (State Route 539) between Bakerview Road and Stuart Road will install 17 water quality devices to treat roadway runoff. This work will occur at night between 7 pm and 7 am. The highway will remain open with lane closures and lane shifts in place to facilitate construction. Flaggers will be present to provide additional traffic and pedestrian control as necessary. For more information, contact Larry Scholten, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7923.

2020 Overlay – Bill McDonald and Britton Road project

The 2020 Overlay – Bill McDonald and Britton Road project is underway with hardscape demolition and utility work along Bill McDonald Parkway and Britton Road. Lane closures and minor delays should be expected throughout the project limits. Night work will also be underway at the Samish Way and Bill McDonald intersection mid-week and access to the Sehome Haggen from Bill McDonald Parkway will be cut off for Monday – Wednesday. Flaggers will allow for local access. For more information, visit the 2020 Overlay – Bill McDonald and Britton Road website or contact Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7924.

Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project

The Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation project, with various locations throughout the City, is underway with work continuing on Cedar Street and beginning on Grove Street Monday, July 13, 2020. The cast in place pipe (CIPP) crews have completed cleaning the sewer pipes with CIPP placement to begin Thursday, July 16, 2020 in order of location 11, 12, 13, 4, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 17, & 10. Once the main sewer CIPP is in place the crews will then follow with the sewer service line CIPP placement in the same order. For more information and a site map with locations listed visit the Annual Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation Project website or contact Aric Smathers, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7942.

Lake Padden Park – Sewer project

Work to upgrade the sewer facilities and pump stations is nearing completion, as the remaining components are installed and piping is tied over to the new system. The areas affected include the dog park restroom, playground restroom and the pump house. As we move forward with the final phase of this project, the restrooms will be intermittently offline in the coming weeks, but we will have portable bathrooms in place when needed. Please use caution in and around the work zones. For more information, visit the Lake Padden Lift Stations project webpage or contact Larry Scholten, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7923.

West Horton project

The West Horton Road project is underway with utility installation within the Horton Road right-of-way and minor work on Aldrich Road. A road closure on Aldrich will be in place from 7 am – 7 pm as needed by construction activities. Additional lane closures on Aldrich are expected to last throughout the duration of the project. Flaggers will allow for local access. Expect possible delays when traveling through this project site. For more information, visit the West Horton Road phase 1 website or contact Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7924

Cordata Park – phase 1

Cordata Park construction activities include changes to sidewalk alignment, pedestrian entries into the park, installation of artwork, irrigation and paving along Cordata Parkway. Occasional lane closures related to general park construction will continue into August. For more information, visit the Cordata Park project web page  or contact project manager Jonathan Schilk at or (360) 778-7000.

2019 Transportation Benefit District – several locations

The 2019 Transportation Benefit District (TBD) project is complete with limited punch list underway. For more information, visit the TBD project web page or contact Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, P.E., project engineer, at or (360) 778-7924.

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)

Drivers can get real-time traffic information on their phone with the  WSDOT traffic app, tracking the WSDOT north Twitter feed, and get advanced information from the WSDOT construction page.

Whatcom County

For updates on County projects near Bellingham, visit Subscribe to Whatcom County Public Works email newsletter here.

We provide this “capital project report” as a public service based on currently available information. When traveling through a construction area – whether walking, cycling or driving – please be patient, travel with care and always obey flaggers. In dark conditions, please make sure you’re visible to others. Planned road closures and restrictions are necessary to allow for a variety of work including resurfacing, sidewalk construction, water and sewer main work, and utility cuts. Dates, times and work locations may vary, depending on inclement weather or last-minute changes in work schedules. Questions? Contact

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