Heavy rainfall and snow hits Bellingham on first day of winter

City of Bellingham Public Works responds to flooding and ice control

December 21, 2020 - by Michelle Grandy, Public Works

Rainfall on the morning of Monday, December 21 produced localized street flooding in Bellingham. Rain, turning to snow, has begun to accumulate and icy spots are starting to occur throughout the City following a rapid drop in temperature. 

Public Works crews are shifting response from flooding and rain to snow and ice control. Equipment and supplies are being prepared for de-icing. Crews will work into the night as needed, responding to the weather to help ensure the roads are as clear as can be. Snow and ice control is focused on the major arterials as a first and top priority. Once those routes are cleared and de-iced, work will move to secondary routes. 

Additional information on snow routes and anti-icing priority lists can be found at https://cob.org/services/planning/transportation-planning/snow-and-ice-removal

Icy conditions can be reported by calling 360-778-7700. This number is monitored 24 hours a day. Calls are logged and tracked. Public Works crews will respond as they are able using established priorities and routes. 

Media Contact

Janice Keller
Communications Director
City of Bellingham, Mayor’s Office
jkeller@cob.org or (360) 778-8100

Michelle Grandy
Temporary Communication Coordinator
City of Bellingham Public Works
mmgrandy@cob.org or 360-778-7170

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