2018 TBD Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements

​Project Overview:  ES-0535

This project improves pedestrian and bicycle safety and efficiency on Woburn Street at Kentucky Street through the addition of new sidewalk and reconstruction of intersection; on Woburn Street at Fraser Street through installation of a pedestrian-activated warning device and reconstruction of the existing pedestrian refuge; on Orleans St. at Illinois St. through installation of curb extensions; on Orleans Street at trail south of Maryland Street on Alderwood Avenue from Northwest to Maplewood Avenue through addition of speed humps; and on Mill Avenue from 10th to 24th Street through prioritization for bicycles and pedestrian facility improvements.

Funding from Transportation Benefit District. 

Status  –  August 2019


  • Survey sites
  • Initiate design
  • Design 30%
  • Evaluate/select design alternatives
  • Submit Design Report to Ecology for review
  • Design 60%
  • Ecology design report acceptance
  • Submittal of permits
  • Submit Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) cultural resource document
  • Submittal of 90% plans, specifications and estimate
  • Project advertisement for bids
  • Council award of construction
  • Construction start
  • Construction complete

Project Details

  • Status –  Complete
  • Contract Awarded –  June 18, 2018
  • Contract Amount-  $1,019,865.80
  • Contractor-  Colacurcio Brothers, Inc.
  • Completion Date: August 30, 2019
  • Final Contract Amount: $1,143,379.51
  • Vicinit​y Map


Larry Scholten, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone:  (360) 778-7923
Public Wor​ks Contacts

Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods