Lake Padden Lift Stations

​​​Project Overview: EU181

Upgrade the aging three facility sewer lift station system serving the east side of Lake Padden Park, including the Dog Park bathroom, the Picnic Area bathroom, and the Lake Padden Golf Course main buildings.

Funded with City funds- Greenways III and REET funding sources.

Status – January 2022

Accomplishments: Construction complete.

Next milestone: 1-year warranty period. 

Project Details

  • Status – Complete
    • 1-year warranty period ends August 3, 2022.
  • Contract Awarded – December 3, 2018​
  • Contract Amount – $922,256.66
  • Contractor – Faber Construction Corp. 
  • Vicinity Map


​Larry Scholten, P.E.
Project Manager​
Phone:  (360) 778-7923
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