Bay to Baker Trail / Squalicum Creek Trail Segment


This regional trail corridor spans from Bellingham Bay to the Irongate Neighborhood and beyond.

Over the years, multiple improvements have been completed to connect the trail from east to west. In 2016, over a mile and half of new trail was added from Orchard Place to Irongate Road. In 2017, a new connector was completed in Cornwall Park.

Trails in this corridor and beyond are part of a multiyear planning effort outlined in the City of Bellingham, Parks and Recreation Open Space Plan.

Future trail connections and planning efforts include

  • Acquiring the abandoned railway between Roeder Avenue and Meridian Street
  • Constructing a link to the upper trail in Cornwall Park to Squalicum Way, which will relieve congestion in Cornwall Park and provide a much needed accessible and direct connection to Squalicum Way.
  • Acquiring land for a trail east along the railroad grade to the county line
  • Constructing a southern connector to the Barkley Trail

Other projects in this corridor include rerouting Squalicum Creek reroute, extending Orchard Drive, and planning for improvements along James Street. 


Greenway Levy
Park Impact Fees
Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Trail grant


Construction of the trail segment between Orchard Place and Irongate Road is complete. A new trail through Cornwall Park is also complete. Property acquisition of the rail line to the waterfront is under review.

Future planning efforts include a new bypass trail and direct connection from Cornwall Park to Squalicum Way and a southerly connection to the Barkley Trail, which are currently unfunded at this time.  ​



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