Birchwood Park Improvements

The Birchwood Park Master Plan was amended in March 2019 to include a replacement of the existing porta-potty with a permanent restroom and construction of a bicycle pump track in the southwest section of the park. The pump track is a partnership project with the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition and is being designed and constructed through generous community donations.  

On Feb 9th, the Birchwood Park Parking lot will be closed down to public vehicle access while we have a mobile crane and contractor support vehicles on site to take delivery and set the new concrete restroom structure.

Parking lot should be opened by 4:30pm on the Feb 9th.


Restroom: $200,000 of Park Impact Fees

Pump track: Donation from the Whatcom Mountain Bike Coalition fundraising campaign


Restroom: Construction February 2023

Pump track: Design and permitting is underway, with construction planned for Spring 2023.


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