Bloedel Swim Docks for Kids

On October 22, 2018 city staff, along with project proponent, the Bellingham Bay Rotary Club (BBRC), made a presentation to the Bellingham City Council regarding a project to replace the swimming docks at Bloedel Donovan Park. Bloedel Docks for Kids has offered to design, permit and construct the docks in approximately the same footprint where they existed prior to their removal when the lake lifeguarding program was eliminated due to budget cuts. Council voted in favor to direct city staff to work with BBRC staff toward the donation of the docks. Bloedel Docks for Kids proceeded with design and fundraising for the docks, with a target of $500,000. The Bellingham City Council voted on June 3, 2019, to approve the donation and accept responsibility for the operational aspects. This project may also include start-up infrastructure, including lifeguard stands, safety equipment, office equipment, and required shower.


Design, permitting and construction of the docks was donated by the Bellingham Bay Rotary Club with the support of other community member donations to the Club, as well as contributions from Anchor QEA consultants, Bellingham Marine Industries of Ferndale, and Surowiecki Brothers Construction.


Construction was completed in June 2021.


Vicinity Map (PDF)
Preliminary S​ite Plan (PDF)


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