Boulevard Park Shoreline and Public Access Enhancement

Boulevard is one of the most visited parks and top destinations in the city. The design approach for this restoration project focuses on rebuilding and enhancing two beaches in the park. The project focuses on beach nourishment, increasing dry beach backshore area, removal of riprap in the intertidal zone, and removal of failing rock revetments. The eastern beach will have a new rock revetment installed further inland. As a result, an eroding trail will be moved further inland, and utilities and a storm drain trench will be relocated within the park. The western beach will have a small revetment and rockery installed and invasive blackberry bushes removed.

Completion of this project will increase public access to the coast through removal of the rock armor from the beaches, removal of failing revetments, and the addition of a stable walkway. Educational signage will be added to the site detailing insightful aspects of the project and restoration efforts in the area. Planting of noninvasive species along high elevations of the beaches will also aid in mitigating the impacts from sea level rise and coastal erosion. Surf smelt will benefit from the project and have been documented to spawn at the north beach in the park in a 2003 survey. Removal of rock armor and debris will increase spawning habitat for smelt.


$1,000,000 Greenway Levy
$500,000 Recreation and Conservation Office State Grant, Aquatic Land Enhancement Account (pending)



Site reconnaissance and design are underway. Permitting documentation and submittal will start in 2023. Construction may start in year 2025.


State Grant Press Release
Vicinity Map
Conceptual Site Plan

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