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Project Overview: EF-0133 and EF-0141

Projects EF-0133 and EF-0141 will fill a need for new permanent buildings at the City Operations site on Pacific Street. As the Public Works and Parks and Recreation Departments continue to grow, finding space for employees and equipment has become a challenge. The projects will be constructed together by one contractor. The new buildings will be energy efficient and built to LEED standards.

Developed concept of 5-story Operations Center building by RMC Architects

Project EF-0133 is the construction of a five-story Operations Center building at the City Operations site on Pacific Street. This project will bring together the Public Works and Parks and Recreation Operations teams in one building, creating efficiencies in physical location, operations yard layout, communication, and asset consolidation. These changes will increase both departments’ ability to continue to deliver excellent service to the Bellingham community. The floors have been designed to support the following:

  • Floor 1: City BTV Studio. The Studio will be televising City meetings and the space has the capacity for over 100 attendees.
  • Floor 2: Locker room and lunchroom for City Operations field crews
  • Floor 3: Public Works Operations group
  • Floor 4: Parks Operations group
  • Floor 5: Public Works Natural Resources Group

Project EF-0141 will demolish the existing vehicle barn on the south side of the site and replace it with a new Operations Barn. The existing building has been in use since Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) moved from the site over 20 years ago. The building is no longer viable to house the essential equipment needed to keep the city operating. The new building will be up to code and provide a safe and secure location for the equipment from all groups.

The new Operations Barn will be an energy-efficient building that will provide:

  • Heated vehicle storage for temperature sensitive equipment such as the vactor trucks.
  • Workshop space for all the Public Works utility crews and Parks Operations and Natural Resources field staff.
  • Wood shop space to replace the Parks barn at Woburn Street facility.
  • Storage space for parts and supplies for all the operations activities.

Status – October 2022

At the site of the City’s new Operations Center Building, work is progressing quickly: both the Operations Center and Operations Barn should be complete before the end of 2022. Finish work and final siding are underway at the Operations Center. Across the yard in the southwest corner, construction of the Operations Barn continues as steel framing and roof work is done. While a section of Nevada Street is closed to traffic due to construction, the sidewalk remains open. There may be occasional additional truck traffic.

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On January 13, 2021, the City hosted a virtual informational open house to provide information about the project and answer questions. You can view a recording of the meeting.

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