Civic Athletic Complex Planning


The City of Bellingham is a growing community with an estimated population of over 90,000. The Parks and Recreation Department manages and operates a range of parks and recreation facilities and offers recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.

A significant aspect of the Parks and Recreation Department’s offerings is providing athletic fields and facilities for youth and adult programs. The city is currently conducting a Recreational Needs Assessment. The outcome of this work will guide strategic planning to equitably meet future community needs, including the need for facilities and outdoor space at the Civic Athletic Complex.

The Civic Athletic Complex is a community park established in the mid 1950’s. Stadium structures were originally constructed circa 1960 and renovated in 2006. Facilities include a lighted football/soccer stadium, track and field facilities, softball fields, baseball stadium, aquatic center, playground, skate park, bike jump park, privately operated indoor ice arena and soccer facility, parking, restrooms, and trails.

The city is seeking a better understanding of development potential for current and evolving uses at the Complex. Decisions may be guided by the outcomes of this planning work as well as from a Cost Recovery study that is also underway. The outcome of this work may provide the city answers to how the Complex may be used in the future and what improvements will be needed to meet the demands of our growing community, including meeting the city’s Climate Action Plan.


Data gathering, inventory, and preliminary site assessments are currently underway.


Greenways Levy: $200,000



Parks & Recreation Department: (360) 778-7000
Melissa Bianconi, Park Recreation Manager,
Gina Austin, Park Project Engineer,

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