Maritime Heritage Park Slide


This project involves the design and construction of a fun embankment slide to be located on the hillside below Whatcom Museum. The proposed slide will provide an added recreational opportunity for children of the community and boost park visitation.


 Construction Cost $324,400 Park Impact Fees


Active. This project will supplement park uses in the 2010 Park Master Plan. This project will also contribute to revitalizing the area and attracting more visitors and residents to the park and waterfront area.  

The design includes two embankment slides, approaches, park seating and site restoration. The first slide will be designed for pre-school aged children and  meet requirements for accessibility; the second slide will be larger for use by school-aged children to adults.  

Project construction will begin April 2021 and run through May 2021.

Design Consultant Team
Lead Designer: Molly Maguire, ASLA

Affected Neighborhoods

  • Central Business District

Participating Departments

  • Parks and Recreation

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Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods