Resource Recovery at Post Point

​​​Project Overview:

We are planning now for future improvements at the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (Post Point). These improvements are needed because equipment is aging, expensive to repair, and incinerates – rather than recovers – reusable resources. The goal is to provide sustainable, environmentally responsible, cost-effective wastewater treatment into the future.

Through this project, the City will plan and construct new facilities at Post Point to capture and reuse valuable resources from Bellingham’s wastewater.

The result will be a process that protects public health, safety and natural resources while continuing to meet demand for efficient, quality service essential for a growing, diverse community. The new process will develop biosolids into a sustainable resource limiting environmental impacts while maximizing resource recovery opportunities. The project will further advance a solution using reliable and proven technology that offers the best value for the citizens of Bellingham over a fifty-year lifecycle.

The resource recovery solution for wastewater will minimize the social impacts of handling biosolids while supporting the core values of Bellingham residents via a “Triple Bottom Line Plus” (i.e. fiscal, environmental, technical, socially sustainable) assessment.  

All phases of this project will develop within the framework of the Legacy Statements and Strategic Commitments adopted by the Bellingham City Council in July 13, 2009.​

Coming next:

  • ​Phase 3 will develop a Biosolids Facility Plan, continue public outreach efforts, and assess the impacts of upcoming nitrogen control regulations. 
  • Phase 4 will develop a preliminary design of the selected alternatives. ​

​Update – February 2020

​​​We provided Council with a project status update in January 2020. The following resources are provided as a reference to project status. 


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