Valencia Street Watermain Replacement

Project Overview: EW-0238

This project involves the replacement of 3900 linear feet of 12″ watermain and replacement/sliplining of 1900 linear feet of 48″ storm main and 1200 linear feet of 8″ sewer line along with associated fittings, structures, and connections within the Valencia Street corridor. Following the utility replacements the corridor roadway will have hardscape replaced and upgraded as needed, as well as a full overlay. The purpose of this project is to provide required maintenance of existing utilities to ensure reliability.

Funding source: Utility Funds and Street Funds

Status – May 2021

Accomplishments: Survey complete.

Next Milestones: Develop design concept.

Project Details


Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, PE
Project Engineer
(360) 778-7924

Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods