West Horton Road Phase 1

​Project Overview: ES-0399

The project is expected to build a minimized footprint, two-lane roadway with shoulders designated as bicycle lanes. Project includes clearing existing vegetation, construction of an asphalt road section, sidewalk and/or pedestrian boardwalk, drainage, stormwater, sewer and illumination are all expected project elements. Areas of the roadway prism are expected to be constructed to facilitate hydraulic connectivity between wetlands divided by the new alignment.

The project is expected to provide at least a segment of a “Safe Route to School” serving Cordata Elementary School on Aldrich Road. Intersection and sidewalk improvements on Aldrich along with a revised connection to the existing West Horton Road alignment will be evaluated during design. Sidewalk and boardwalk are expected to provide for pedestrian access along the north side of the new alignment. No pedestrian facilities are currently proposed for the south side of this new alignment.

This project will reduce congestion on roadways to the east, by enhancing the currently limited east-west access in the area, and provide access to the city’s proposed Cordata Park. Funding is from the Surface Transportation Program (STP) (WCOG).

Update – May 2021

Accomplishments: Project open to the public.

Next milestones: Closeout project.

Project Details

  • Status – Construction
    • Project punchlist inspection complete. Waiting to finish punchlist items and close-out project.
  • Contract awarded – Jan. 27, 2020
  • Contract amount – ​$3,130,514.93
  • Contractor – Ram Construction​
  • Completion Date –  February 2021
  • Vicin​ity ​Map


Freeman (Fritz) Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7924
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