Whatcom Creek Trail Trestle Demolition

Remnants of an abandoned railroad trestle in Whatcom Falls Park will be removed for the safety of trail users and to improve water quality in Whatcom Creek.

This large structure, located just west of Electric Avenue, consists of treated wood piling, steel railroad rails, and other treated wood. During the summer of year 2020, a portion of the cross bracing came loose from the main structure, prompting city staff to take a closer look at the conditions. For the safety of the public, a short detour was put into place around the area until permits and design could be completed to remove the dilapidated structure from the waterway.

Work includes sampling and testing of the wood, completing historical documentation, developing critical area reports, submitting demolition design & fish protection measures to local, state and federal agencies for approval, and procuring a contractor to complete the work.


$500,000 General Fund



Site reconnaissance, design and permitting are currently underway.

The timing of demolition is dependent on permit approvals, environmental restrictions, local work force availability, and other factors. Construction is planned for summer of 2023 due to environmental restrictions for working in the waterway.


Participating Departments

Affected Neighborhoods