Whatcom Creek Trunk Main

​​​​​​​​​​​Project Overview: EU182

This project will re-line a 1909 sewer trunk main along Whatcom Creek from Nevada R/W West to the State/York intersection. The goal of the project is to extend the life of the egg-shaped pipe by re-lining the interior. Videos of the interior of the main shows deterioration in the pipe including holes and cracks. This project will perform spot repairs as well as install new manholes at specific locations to facilitate maintenance.

The sewer main is not a traditional pipe but a custom brick and concrete, egg-shaped conveyance system. Re-lining this type of structure will require a custom liner. The sewer main runs adjacent to, and crosses under, Whatcom Creek. Protection of Whatcom Creek will be a high priority throughout construction. The sewer main services a large section of the City and cannot be taken off-line, so a key project element will be the installation of a bypass pumping system to ensure the system is fully operational during the re-lining process.

At times, a portion of the Whatcom Creek Trail will be closed during construction near where the trail connects to Lincoln Street/Meador Avenue. See Trail Detour Map for trail detour information.

Project funding from the City 420 Wastewater Fund​.

Status – December 2022

Accomplishments: Re-lining work is complete.

Next Milestones: Bypass, clean, and rehabilitate sanitary sewer trunk main north and east of the Meador Avenue and Humboldt Street intersection. Remaining work includes removal of temporary bypass piping and restoration of Whatcom Creek Trail due to both construction impact and last year’s heavy flooding. No impacts to traffic are anticipated.  At times, bypass and sewer rehabilitation work will require closure and detouring a portion of the Whatcom Creek trail.

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​Craig Mueller, P.E.
Project Engineer
(360) 778-7922

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