Internal Programs

Green Government Team

The Green Government Team is a group of department representatives working together to make City operations more environmentally sustainable. The group facilitates communication, education and distribution of sustainability goals, actions and measures. Currently, the team is focusing on waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation and transportation options.

Green Event Kits

This program reduces waste at City events by providing kits of compostable utensils and dishware. The compostable items are recycled through the FoodPlus! program, resulting in little to no waste from the event going to the landfill. Secondly, the utensils and dishware are often made from recycled materials. This reduces waste in two ways; by using products made from recycled materials and recycling those materials after they are used.

Battery Recycling and Disposal

The City collects all batteries used internally for proper disposal at Whatcom County Disposal of Toxics. Batteries can contain mercury, lead, and other heavy metals that are toxic to humans and wildlife. These metals may leak from used batteries disposed of in landfills, thereby contaminating soil and groundwater. Proper battery disposal reduces this environmental risk. Disposal of Toxics recycles certain battery types, while other types are shipped to a hazardous waste facility.