Agate Creek Preserve

With its headwaters in the Agate Pond preserve, Agate Creek’s two tributaries bisect the Agate Creek Preserve. The north unit was homesteaded in the late 1800s. The homestead site was visible with historical aerial photos until the late 1970s, when it was planted into a commercial forest. The homestead site is uniquely planted with a monoculture of grand fir and adjacent to a forested wetland. This site also encompasses a historical cemetery, which is a remnant of the old homestead. The south unit was subsequently purchased from a commercial timber company. Gently sloping to the south, the preserve is forested with mixed stands of Douglas fir, cedar, grand fir, alder and maple. The City is managing the forest to follow a natural succession toward conifer dominance. Each passing year, the Agate Creek Preserve will have an enhanced ability to protect water quality. 

Total Acres

  • 150 acres; 7 units removed from development