Crabtree Preserve

Acquired in August of 2012, the Crabtree Preserve is 1.7 acres situated on the north central shore of Lake Whatcom, near Sheridan Trail Road and the City’s Three Creeks Preserve.

This region of the Lake Whatcom Watershed is comprised of steeply forested uplands with numerous streams and drainage ravines. The lowlands and shoreline are punctuated with residential developments and farms, as well as a wide strip of cleared right of way that is used by Bonneville Power for its high tension electric lines.

The Crabtree Preserve, which lies in the center of this mixture of urbanization and woodland, is split by Northshore Road. Consequently the parcel has both an upper portion with a large stand of evergreens and a lower brush covered margin of narrow lake frontage. Due to its near shore location the site may lend itself to some element of stormwater mitigation, as well as provide a link to the nearby Three Creeks Preserve and other potential conservation lands.

Lake front property, in particular, has little chance to have natural filtration or man-made intervention eliminate the effects of shoreline development on adjacent waters. It is important to acquire and maintain native waterfront wherever possible. The addition of this sanctuary to the City’s assembly of protected property in the area eliminates one more home site from the watershed and provides a small buffer between development and the waters of Lake Whatcom.

Total Acres

  • 1.7 acres; 1 unit removed from development