Dutch Harbor Preserve

The Dutch Harbor Preserve, located on the south side of Lake Whatcom, is nestled between Strawberry Point, Stimpson Reserve, Lake Whatcom Boulevard and Sudden Valley. Five adjacent land purchases comprise the 67-acre Preserve.

Several large hills support an impressive stand of mature Northwest forest, complete with towering Douglas firs, gnarly old cedars and sugar maples draped in mosses and ferns. A year-round stream traverses the lowest hill and runs along Dutch Harbor Road.

An active osprey nest sits in an immense snag at the top of the hill in a recently reforested 10 acres. From this site it is possible to view the lake, several lowland ponds, and Strawberry Point.

Near the nest is also the Preserve’s southerly property line, which abuts the 340-acre Stimpson Reserve. The resulting union of both areas covers a significant amount of the hillside, offering continuous protection of the region’s natural habitat.

Total Acres

  • 67 acres; 30 units removed from development