Lake Geneva Preserve

The 88-acre Lake Geneva Preserve combines six adjacent land purchases. It sits atop a steep, forested hillside above Strawberry Point, on the south side of Lake Whatcom. A small plateau of sandstone ridges affords sweeping views of Lake Whatcom and the surrounding foothills. Intermingled within the ridges, small wetland ponds and streams drain northwest into Lake Whatcom. The City and County jointly own the original 36-acre Anderson parcel, including Lake Geneva, a man-made, five-acre lake. Waterfowl and wildlife nest, feed, and rest at this secluded water feature, surrounded by large overhanging trees. A number of dramatic waterfalls cascade over exposed sandstone ledges.

The formal trail on the lake portion of the Preserve officially connects the publicly owned property to the Stimpson Reserve trail system and can be accessed by way of the Stimpson Nature Walk from Lake Louise Road.

The Lake Geneva Preserve, registered in perpetuity as a conservation site, allows the City to directly protect the land while continuing to ensure the water quality and the natural features of the Lake Whatcom Watershed. The area’s mature trees, in combination with intact wetlands and small streams, provide excellent natural stormwater retention and filtration. Enhanced by the land’s structural complexity and biological diversity, this Preserve attracts, conserves and improves wildlife habitat, while offering passive, nature-oriented public recreational opportunities.

Total Acres

  • 88 acres; 47 units removed from development