Lookout Mountain Preserve

The Lookout Mountain Preserve covers a wide section of forested foothill south of Lake Louise Road and Sudden Valley. The first property of this assembly was acquired in a joint purchase with Whatcom County in 2002 and encompasses 369 acres of dense woodlands and steep ravines that form the headwaters of Austin and Beaver Creeks.

In an initial cleanup effort, crews from the City, County and Washington Conservation Corps removed over 50 tons of garbage and construction debris from the property’s gated access area and Lookout Mountain Road.

The City and County continue to restore the property, enhance riparian areas, and monitor the roads for illegal vehicle traffic. A hiking trail now provides access to a small footbridge over the lower section of Austin Creek, as well as two dramatic 12-foot waterfalls further up the channel, and, a scenic overlook with a panoramic view of the surrounding Lake Whatcom Reservoir and valley.

Three recent independent City purchases to the west have added 184 acres to the overall preserve.

Total Acres

  • 553 acres; 18 units taken out of development