Silver Beach Preserve

Lying adjacent to Big Rock Garden Park in northeast Bellingham, the Silver Beach Preserve covers 22 acres of undeveloped forest land. Due to its proximity to the park and the surrounding community, several official trails have been constructed to facilitate light access for the public.

The property was originally purchased in individual blocks over a period of six years from ten different owners. Without clear protection, the land, capable of supporting 57 possible homes, was being used as an open area full of social trails, bike jumps, play forts and other damaging activities.

By carefully designing new trails, educating the community, enforcing public-access policy, and involving interested neighbors as well as the City Parks Department, the City has been able to slowly restore the Preserve to a more natural forested condition. Now the public may enjoy the expansive urban woodland and adjacent Park by hiking the prescribed nature trail, which takes in a small secluded lake and an assortment of scenic promontories and wildlife havens.

This enchanting environment, found within the canopy of the large trees and lush understory of ferns and shrubs, naturally ensures the Preserve’s intended function as a shelter and source of water protection for the Lake Whatcom Reservoir.

Total Acres

  • 22 acres; 57 units removed from development