Zarnowitz Preserve

The Zarnowitz Preserve, purchased in 2003, is a flat and forested three-acre parcel located 130 feet from Lake Whatcom, near Mill Wheel Creek at the end of Oriental Avenue. This property is bordered on the west by the city-county line and on the east by a seasonal stream and riparian corridor.

Although the land is in the UGA and is zoned for high-density development, with its inclusion in the Watershed Acquisition Program it is now slated to remain a fully forested tract. The City’s conservation objectives for the property are in keeping with the original owner’s efforts to maintain the parcel in a natural state where invasive plants and trash are regularly removed.

Of additional benefit is the Preserve’s general proximity to both Bloedel Donovan and Euclid Parks, which gives some continuity to the existing forest and native cover. As the Zarnowitz Preserve functions together with the other undeveloped land in this urban area, it will help sustain the natural character of the region and contribute to improved water quality.

Total Acres

  • .96 acres; 2 units removed from development