Low-Impact Development

Native Plant Guide

Northwest Native Plant Landscaping Guide This King County website includes a beautiful and comprehensive Native Plant Guide that features photos and facts about plants native to Western Washington. Also check out the other related resources.


Northshore Drive earns Greenroads​ Silver Certification


Porcelain into concrete​: an alternative

Raingardens and Rain Water Harvesting

Bellingham’s Water Conservation Program

The Rain Garden Handbook for Western Washington Homeowners (PDF) shows in a step-by-step manner how to build a rain garden on your property. The Handbook has been revised specifically for Lake Whatcom residents. Rain gardens mimic an undisturbed forest because they collect and filter stormwater that carries pollutants harmful to the environment. Rain gardens are a good fit for existing development, as well as new development, because they can treat stormwater in areas where there is no treatment at all.

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