Household Medicine Return Information

​​​​​​​​​It’s time to change the way our community thinks about prescription drugs

Medication plays a crucial role in how we care for ourselves and each other, but consumers often don’t think about the responsibilities of owning drugs. If stored in the home, medications can make their way into the wrong hands. If not disposed of properly, medication can pollute our waterways, drinking water, and Bellingham Bay.

Do NOT flush, trash, or store unwanted, unused, or expired medications

Prevent Accidental Poisonings
Clean out medicine cabinets to reduce the risk of accidental misuse and exposure to children. Overdoses from prescription narcotics are a leading cause of death in Washington State. Abuse of narcotic pain relievers is rapidly increasing and half of prescription drug abusers report obtaining the drug from a friend or relative.

Protect Our Water
Medications sent down toilets or sink drains can get into our bay, adversely affecting fish and aquatic wildlife. Medicine placed in trash cans ends up in landfills and can leach into ground water.​

Return Household​ Medications

Learn how you can safely return virtually all forms of medication to a local drop-off point by visiting ​​

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