Assesment of Fair Housing

Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH)

The AFH is designed to identify fair housing issues in the community, determine the factors that significantly contribute to the identified issues, and develop a plan to overcome them. Many thanks to all who submitted a comment, completed a survey or attended the public hearing. All comments have been addressed within the final version of the AFH, which is available now. The public comment period is closed and the final version of the 2018-2022 Assessment of Fair Housing was accepted by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) on December 13, 2017.

The AFH looks at how our community is doing in carrying out fair housing practices. In addition to complying with the regulations, the Assessment of Fair Housing offers the opportunity to reconsider barriers to housing for protected classes of people, and set goals and strategies for reducing those barriers.

Although much of the data we use for the AFH is provided by HUD, the most valuable data is the kind that comes from living and working in Bellingham. Thank you to those of you who completed and/or shared the Fair Housing Survey that was open through June and July of 2017. Here is a brief synopsis of the survey results.  



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