Permit Center Customer Survey

The Permit Center surveys all customers to better understand their needs, target areas for improvement and, ultimately, improve the customer’s permitting experience.

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Previously, the Center for Economic Vitality conducted quarterly surveys of Permit Center customers for the City of Bellingham. Here are the results of the Permit Center Customer Survey Report done quarterly since 2006.

*Note: The Permit Center was closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020-March 2022).

2021 Customer Survey2020 Customer Survey
1st Quarter (and 2nd) 2021 (PDF)1st Quarter 2020 (PDF)*​
2nd Quarter (and 1st) 2021 (PDF)2nd Quarter 2020 (PDF)
3rd Quarter (and 4th) 2021 (PDF)
4th Quarter (and 3rd) 2021 (PDF)
*2020 1Q Survey includes 2019 4Q responses as well
2019 Customer Survey2018 Customer Survey2017 Customer Survey​2016 Customer Survey
1st Quarter 2019 (PDF)​​​1st Quarter 2018 (PDF)1st Quarter 2017 (PDF)​1st Quarter 2016 (PDF)
2nd Quarter 2019 (PDF)​2nd Quarter 2018 (PDF)2nd Quarter 2017 (PDF)​​2nd Quarter 2016 (NO DATA)​
3rd Quarter 2018 (PDF)3rd Quarter 2017 (PDF)​​3rd Quarter 2016 (PDF)
4th Quarter 2019 (PDF)*​​4th Quarter 2018 – Not Available​4th Quarter 2017 (PDF)​​​4th Quarter 2016 (PDF)
 *2019 4Q Survey includes 2020 1Q responses as well
​2015 Customer Survey​​2014 Customer Survey​​2013 Customer Survey​​2012 Customer Survey
1st Quarter 2015 (PDF)1st Quarter 2014 (PDF)No results​No results​
2nd Quarter 2015 (PDF) ​2nd Quarter 2014 (PDF)No results​No results​
3rd Quarter 2015 (PDF)​3rd Quarter 2014 (PDF)​No resultsNo results​
4th Quarter 2015 (PDF)4th Quarter 2014 (PDF)4th Quarter 2013 (PDF)3rd and 4th Quarter 2012 (PDF)
​2010 Customer Survey​2009 Customer Survey​2008 Customer Survey2006 / ​2007 Customer Survey
1st and 2nd Quarter 2010 (PDF)1st and 2nd Quarter 2009 (PDF)1st Quarter 2008 (PDF) 3rd Quarter 2006 (PDF)
​​No results​​No results2nd Quarter 2008 (PDF)4th Quarter 2006 & 1st Quarter 2007 (PDF)
3rd and 4th Quarter 2010 (PDF)3rd & 4th Quarter 2009 (PDF)​​No results2nd Quarter 2007 (PDF)​​
​​No results​No results4th Quarter 2008 (PDF)

If you have any comments that you would like to share with our Permit Center Staff directly, please e-mail