Private Inspectors

All private inspectors that are interested in partnering with the City of Bellingham Rental Registration and Safety Inspection Program, must attend one of the training courses specifically designed for the City of Bellingham Safety Inspection Program and possess at least one of the following credentials:​

  • American Association of Code Enforcement property maintenance and housing inspector certification;
  • International Code Council property maintenance and housing inspector certification;
  • International Code Council residential building code inspector;
  • Washington State licensed home inspector; or
  • Other acceptable credentials the director establishes by rule.

Once you have been approved to conduct RR&SIP inspections, your name and contact information will be added to the qualified private inspector list and posted to our webpage. For more details regarding the scheduling of and participation in inspection training, please contact the program specialist at

For every inspection performed, you will need:

  • The Declaration of Inspection is to be filled out and signed for those units that meet the health and safety standards outlined on the checklist.
    • A copy of the Declaration should be provided to the property owner/manager, as they are responsible for informing the City of Bellingham that the rental property has passed inspection.
  • When you arrive at the rental property tenants may ask to see a copy of your ID before you enter the unit.

According to RCW 59.18.125, if you identify items that do not meet the health and safety standards, as identified on the safety inspection checklist, and the result of the inspection is failed, a copy of that initial inspection must be provided to the City. On

Once the items are addressed and brought up to standard, the property owner/manager will submit the Declaration of Inspection provided by you advising us that the unit has passed the safety inspection.

In cases where the rental property is deemed uninhabitable and the tenants must be moved out, the Building Official should be notified immediately at (360) 778-8316 or


​Planning and Community Development Department
Rental Registration Specialist
(360) 778-8361 or