Bellingham Housing Statistics

The City of Bellingham’s Planning and Community Development Department has created a story map detailing the housing statistics of Bellingham. To access the story map, visit It works on any media platform but is best viewed on a desktop environment. ​

This information-rich story map features interactive maps, graphs and supporting texts that explore housing types, occupancy, tenure, and their distribution across the city’s neighborhoods. 

The City believes the best way to solve complex problems is through education, dialog and innovation. The City encourages residents to use the information presented in the story map to educate themselves and others as well as to facilitate community conversations about housing, housing affordability and where Bellingham is headed next.

The data provided in the story map comes from a variety of sources including City of Bellingham building permits as well as Whatcom County Assessor, U.S. Census, Washington Office of Financial Management and Housing and Urban Development data.