Daylight Building

This building was built in 1904, and designed by a local architect named Frank C. Burns who also designed the Aftermath Club on Broadway and Holly and the Alaska Building, which burned down in 1969.

The offices in the  Daylight Building were converted to apartments in 1918. Although fires significantly damaged the interior in 1926 and 1928; the exterior made from local brick and Chuckanut Sandstone, remained solid, symmetrical, and attractive.

This building exemplifies the cultural, social, and economic history of Bellingham. Throughout the century-plus that the Daylight Building has stood as a landmark, it has served many different uses. It has housed professional offices, a Union office, antique shops, a photographer, several music teachers, and a furrier. It has also held apartments, a car repair/gas station, taverns, restaurants, newspapers, printers (including Union Printing), Griggs Stationary, grocers,   a cinema, a bookstore, sauna/spa/hairdressers,  Montgomery ward, as well as, many other retailers. 


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