Sanitary Meat Market (1017 N. State Street)

The Sanitary Meat Market, located at 1017 North State Street, was built in 1902. This regional business processed and sold meat for over 65 years. During this time, the business successfully underwent three major additions. In 1915, a rear addition and a second floor residence were built. In 1936, a one-story addition to the south (1015 N. State) and in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s a garage in the rear were added. Although the Sanitary Meat Market was was profitable enough to pay for three major additions, distribute product to three different counties, market multiple meat products, and adjust to customer demand; it was forced to it’s doors in 1967, as larger grocery stores became more efficient at processing meat.

Although this building may appear to be plain, there are three different architectural styles present. The oldest part of the building, built around 1902, is made of a simplified brick Richardsonian design. The first addition, done in 1936, is made of a simplified stucco Art Deco style; while the final addition, done in the late ’50’s or early ’60’s, reflects that of utilitarian style. The form of this building shows how the economy determines the buildings we see, and how these buildings influence our cultural and society. This building contributes to the physical scale and character of Bellingham’s downtown area, and the age of the building alone confirms that this has been a viable commercial area for more than a century.


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