Pedestrian Master Planning

Walkers along South Bay Trail

In May 2024, the Bellingham City Council approved the Bellingham Pedestrian Master Plan Update. The Plan identifies steps to support easy and safe access by foot and by creating a network of sidewalks, multi-use trails, and neighborhood streets to provide recreational opportunities that support healthy lifestyles and community connections.

The updated Pedestrian Master Plan identifies policies, projects and programs to achieve the following goals:

  • Safety– Improve pedestrian safety through well-designed walking facilities along and across streets, and by promoting safe driving, walking, and biking behaviors.
  • Equity- Provide accessible pedestrian facilities for all ages and abilities through equitable community engagement and infrastructure investments.
  • Connectivity and Access– Provide a citywide network of accessible efficient, and convenient pedestrian infrastructure that connects homes, jobs, transit, shopping, schools, service and recreation areas.
  • Increase Walking Trips– Support Bellingham’s climate action goals by increasing the proportion of trips made by walking and rolling thought investments that remove access barriers and create a safer and more inviting pedestrian experience.

Pedestrian Master Plan 2024

Read the whole plan and learn about the future of walking in Bellingham:

2024 Pedestrian Master Plan