Police Certificate / Clearance Letter

​Call the Bellingham Police Records Division, at 360-778-8800, to request the certificate be mailed to you and to set up an appointment time to have your application processed and notarized. At your appointment you are required to provide current and valid identification as your identity must be witnessed and notarized prior to the background check being performed.

If you are unable to make it to the Bellingham Police Department to have your signature notarized, you may elect to have the form mailed to you and have our own banker or notary complete the document. You may then return and pay for the document via appointment or pre-arrangement in the mail. The cost is $10, and your request will be processed as staff is available. Once completed, your certificate will be mailed to you, or you may arrange to pick it up.

This document only certifies the lack of or existence of records in the jurisdiction of the City of Bellingham. If you require a more extensive background check, you will need to contact the Washington State Patrol Identification Section at (360) 705-5100 or visit their WATCH program website.

The Bellingham Police Records Division can be reached at 360-778-8800.


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