Should you need fingerprints call 360-778-8800 for further instructions and information on scheduling an appointment.

Note – you will be required to wear a mask while being fingerprinted.

Until further notice, BPD fingerprinting services will be limited to the following services:

  • Concealed Pistol License new applications and renewals
  • Federal Firearms Dealer applications
  • Firearms employee background check

Services Available only to Bellingham Residents, some limited exceptions:

​​The Bellingham P​olice Department provides fingerprinting services for most purposes, except immigration. Fingerprint services will only be provided for residents who reside within the city limits of Bellingham (jurisdiction of Bellingham Police) and can provide proof of their residence with either a driver’s license, identification card, or government issued identification.

Residency exceptions will be made for clients who require fingerprints as an applicant or employee for the Bellingham School District or as an applicant for a City of Bellingham business license or regulatory license.

Hours for Fingerprinting Appointments:

  • ​Tuesday’s from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
  • Thursday’s from 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM
  • No services available on any holiday

Additional Instructions:

  • Please ensure that you have read and understand your instructions completely, prior to getting your fingerprints
  • The fee is $10 dollars for first card; $3 for each additional card (prices are per person.) Payment will only be accepted in the form of a local check or Visa/MasterCard. We no longer accept cash at the police station.
  • Please read the information and instructions before your appointment so you may direct any questions to the appropriate authorities. Our staff are not experts on the rules and requirements presented in the fingerprinting packets and are unable to answer your questions on the day of the appointment.
  • Please have your fingerprint card(s) filled out completely before standing in line.
  • Use black ink pen only to complete your fingerprint card(s)
  • Do not sign the fingerprint card(s) until you have had your fingerprints taken and the technician advises you to sign the card(s)
  • Have your payment and current identification readily available when you arrive for your appointment.


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