Online Backflow Test Entry

Testers and testing companies are required to completely transition to online only annual backflow test entry by January 1, 2019.

​In order to use the Online Backflow Test Entry system, please ensure backflow assembly tester certifications and test kit calibrations are up to date with the City of Bellingham Cross-Connection Control Department. The cost of the web entry system will be supported by Bellingham’s Public Works Department. There will be no charge to the testing company or water customer. Testers may consider utilizing a mobile device to enter test data in the field.

Things to Know

The web entry system can only be utilized for existing and/or replacement of existing assemblies that are on record in Bellingham’s backflow assembly database. In the event an assembly is not on record or is a new installation, appropriate permitting, inspections, and proof of testing will be required to ensure compliance with Plumbing Code and/or Cross-Connection requirements.




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