Permits, Regulations, and Forms

Submitting Test Reports to the City of Bellingham

The City of Bellingham accepts most versions of backflow assembly test reports provided they are completed in accordance with our guidelines and contain all of the information required on the Backflow Assembly Test Report Form. Certified testers can also use our Backflow Assembly Test Report Form (PDF)

Cross-Connection Inspection Permit

A permit and backflow preventer assembly are required whenever a cross connection of potential cross connection occurs. All new, replaced, repaired, or relocated backflow assemblies require an inspection by a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester (BAT) prior to an inspection by a City of Bellingham Cross-Control Specialist. The Cross-Connection Inspection Permit is generated by Public Works staff from the information provided during a building plan review.

Call or email the Cross-Control Specialist to schedule an inspection.

Bulk Water Withdraw Permit

Vehicles must be inspected by a Cross-Connection Specialist prior to issuance of a Public Works Water Withdraw permit. Call or email the specialists. 

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More Information

For answers to specific cross-connection control questions, contact the Cross-Connection Control Specialists at the Operations Division of the Public Works Department or, (360)778-7738 or (360)778-7739.