SeeClickFix Frequently Asked Questions

Report non-emergency issues from your desktop or mobile device with SeeClickFix:

  • Let the City know what you think should be fixed
  • Upload pictures of the problem
  • Select the location of the issue on a map
  • Get responses from the City or ask additional questions

  • Go to
  • Desktop: Click the “Report an Issue with SeeClickFix” button.
  • Mobile:
    • Use the mobile app links to download the SeeClickFix app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.
    • Install the app and open it
    • Choose your service area as “Bellingham, WA”

You will automatically receive updates on your request if you create a free SeeClickFix account or you can submit a request anonymously and check SeeClickFix for updates.

Some examples of issues that can be reported include:

  • ADA accessibility issue
  • Code violation investigation
  • Dog park or animal concerns in parks
  • Encampment activity
  • Flooding and drainage issues
  • Graffiti
  • Litter and illegal dumping, such as garbage in parks or furniture left on sidewalks
  • Missing utility lid or grate
  • Missing or damaged sign
  • Noise complaint
  • Park facility issues (playgrounds, restrooms, sports courts, etc.)
  • Potholes and street repair needs
  • Snow and ice removal needed
  • Traffic signal, street or park lighting issues
  • Vegetation issues in parks and rights of way
  • Water utility leak

  • Requests are placed on a map
  • Photos can be taken directly from mobile devices and uploaded
  • There is a mobile app
  • Public requests will remain on the map for anyone to review and share until they are closed

SeeClickFix is an additional resource for community members to report non-emergency infrastructure, park, and code enforcement issues. Using the app is an efficient way to report issues to the City while remaining anonymous and without having to make a phone call. The app streamlines the process of submitting a photo, description of the issue and location; also, SeeClickFix allows you to track the status of reported issues.

There is no cost to the user to use SeeClickFix. The app is free for download and the browser version is also free.