Commemorative Benches and Picnic Tables

The Parks donation program is on hold until May 1, 2023.

Bellingham Parks and Recreation offers community members an opportunity to donate funds for a commemorative bench or picnic table. Donations go towards the purchase, replacement, or refurbishment and maintenance of a bench or picnic table and can include a commemorative plaque. Styles vary by park.

 Park Benches Examples

Picnic Table Examples

Picnic tables and benches offer a place to go, to remember, relax and are enjoyed by the entire community. Recognize something or someone special in your life, donating is simple:   

1. Submit an application

Fill out and submit your ​donation applic​ation. Within 45 days of receiving your application a staff member will contact you about your application. They will work with you to discuss available park locations and benches or picnic tables that align with the requested park location. Due to the program demand and available resources the City may not be able to accommodate all donation requests. Donations are granted on a first come, first served basis. Staff will evaluate every request to determine all options available using the master plans for the parks. 

2. Plaque

Determine if you would like to add a commemorative plaque to your donation.  Submit desired language to staff.

Bronze – 6″ x 2″
Up to 3 lines of text, up to 25 characters (including spaces)

Parks and Recreation staff approve the location and text for all plaques.

3. Donation

Once your item and park location have been identified and accepted a staff member will reach out to you to request payment. Funds must be received in full prior to ordering your park bench, picnic table and plaque.  

3. Installation 

Within nine months of your approved application and donation staff will install the park bench or picnic table at the approved location.  The donor will be notified of the installation.

4. Recognition

 After your donation is installed you will receive a certificate with a photo of the bench or picnic table and a map with the GPS coordinates.



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