Evidence and Identification

​The Bellingham Police Department provides fingerprinting and property retrieval services. See our Services section for more information.

If you have property that you need to claim from the Evidence & Identification department, please call to make an appointment and we will be happy to assist you.

Evidence and Identification Unit – About Us

This unit has three work groups that collect, analyze and hold property as evidence or for safekeeping.  It is currently supervised by Sergeant David Richards.

  • Evidence Custodian and Technicians:
    • Consist of a sergeant and two civilian technicians.
    • Catalog and maintain the records for and physical custody of approximately 10,000 items impounded each year.
    • Prepare evidence for shipping to the Washington State Crime Lab and maintain the chain of custody on all items in their care.
    • Transport evidence to court and testify to the chain of custody.
    • Identify the owners and return impounded property.
    • May be reached at (360) 778-8743 Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM.
  • Crime Scene Investigators:
    • Consist of two Evidence and Identification Officers (CSI unit leads) and four uniform patrol CSIs who specialize in the identification, collection and packaging of evidence.
    • Work as a team of three to provide 24 hour coverage.
    • Analyze and test evidence or prepare the evidence to be sent to the crime lab.
    • Areas of expertise:        
      • Detection and development of latent prints.
      • Examination of fingerprints. We have four Latent Print Examiners who use the Automated Biometric Indexing System.  This is operated through the WSP Crime Lab System and the Washington Information Network.
      • Digital photography.
      • Collection and preservation of DNA samples.
      • Blood spatter.
      • Diagraming and documentation of crime scenes.
  • Computer and Audio Visual Forensics Officers:
    • Consist of two Computer Forensic Officers and one Audiovisual Forensic Officer.  They collect, preserve and analyze evidence from computers, cell phones, tablets and video systems.
    • They are on call 24/7 to assist officers, crime scene investigators and detectives. They maintain uniforms and assist patrol in times of need.
    • Training is intensive and ongoing with classes ranging from five days to several weeks.  Our officers maintain all required certifications and licenses.


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