City updates rates for public electric vehicle charging stations

Legal framework, updated rates support expansion of City’s EV charging network

November 23, 2022 - by Stefanie Cilinceon, Education and Outreach

Bellingham City Council took final action this week (November 21, 2022) to establish a legal framework for City-owned electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and update rates for the use of these stations.

The collected fees will cover current electricity costs for the City and anticipated system maintenance. These actions, introduced at the October 24 Public Works and Natural Resources Committee, will help support the planned expansion of the City’s EV charging network in the year ahead.

“We are adding 90 new publicly accessible charging plugs throughout the City in the next year,” Bellingham Mayor Seth Fleetwood said. “Operating an EV charging network is a new endeavor for the City. Adding charging stations and setting equitable rates are key steps in encouraging residents to buy electric vehicles and help reduce community carbon emissions.”

EV drivers can expect to see the new rates applied at existing City-owned EV charging stations this week. There are currently three City-owned EV chargers that will be impacted by the rates – two in the Commercial Street parking garage and one at Depot Market Square. The new EV charging rates are:

  • Base rate of $0.25 per kWh
  • Surcharge of $1.00 per session for use of DC fast charger
  • Surcharge of $0.25 per minute for occupying parking space after vehicle charging is complete, not to exceed $23.00

More information about the rates and samples of how they could be applied in varying circumstances available at

Paid parking rates still apply to EV parking spaces located in Pay to Park lots and metered parking areas during enforcement hours. Parking fees must be paid separately through pay stations or the PayByPhone mobile app.

The City will install additional charging stations between November 2022 and December 2023 as part of a project to significantly expand EV charging infrastructure in Bellingham. This project includes installing 45 EV chargers at 26 sites throughout Bellingham. Washington State Department of Commerce is providing $1.5 million to fund this project, with $500,000 in matching funds from the voter-approved Bellingham Transportation Fund.

The transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Bellingham, accounting for approximately 43% of community emissions. Electrifying transportation is a priority in the Council-approved 2018 Climate Action Plan and 2022 Climate Implementation Plan. Expanding EV charging infrastructure helps Bellingham make progress on its climate action goals

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